Brief summary of existing ships:Edit

Within Fractured space there is an array of ships that cater for all types of Galactic warfare. From the fast and nimble Zarek Frigate to the slow and purpousful Destroyer. Whether you prefer slow and beefy ship to ship combat firing drastic weapons unloading fighter and taking the brunt of the flak while your team support you or quick and nimble dogfight, taking on the enemy ace to bring your team the upper hand, Fractured space caters for all.
The Ships of Fractured Space04:36

The Ships of Fractured Space

Ship manufacturersEdit

Within Fractured space there are at the moment three main manufacturers to choose from, these three companies sport sparsely different attack craft which each focus different main ships and design.

- USR - United Space Research

- Zarek Industries

- TDS - Titan Defense Systems
Edge Case Dev Log 5 Ship Manufacturers04:51

Edge Case Dev Log 5 Ship Manufacturers

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