Missiles are secondary weapons systems attached to certain damage orientated ships and laucnh when their corresponding ability key is pressed.

Missiles have travel time and do not launch from the front of ships, normally. As such, a captain must be aware of their surrondings as to not waste their missiles on surronding objects.

Missile Variants Edit

Name Ship Maximum Range (m) Projectile Speed (m/s) Cooldown (s) Volley Damage per Hit Maximum Turrets Special Feature Experience Cost Credit Cost
Raven Missile System Reaper 17,500 5000 20 8 100 None Free Free
Missiles Hunter 10,000 2,000 20 8x2 6 2 Free Free
Missiles Flagship 14,000 1,400 8 76 2 4 port launched and 4 starboard launched Free Free
Radial Missiles Flagship 14,000 1,400 8 76 8 1000 9000
Dorsal Missiles Flagship 14,000 1,400 8 76 8 Top launched 1000 9000
Missiles Sniper 20,000 2,000 4x4 30 4 Free Free

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