USR Flagship A1
Ship Attributes
Manufacturer United Space Research
Type Unknown
Difficulty Unknown
Length Unknown
Base Hull Strength 15,000
Crew Unknown
Initial Max Speed 330
Ship Tier 2
Attack Unknown
Defense Unknown
Utility Unknown
Credits 70,200

The Colossus, formerly the Flagship, produced by United Space Research, is a starter ship that is designed to close the distance with a enemy fleet and absorb tremendous amounts of damage. All the while, pounding out continuous area of effect (AOE, a.k.a splash) damage and disabling enemy ship's navigational systems.

"The Flagship is a massive ship that moves slowly through the battlefield. It makes for an easy target but can absorb far more damage other ships and can return lethal fire-power if allowed to close."

Weaponry Edit


Fractured Space - The Flagship27:07

Fractured Space - The Flagship

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