Zarek Enforcer
Ship Attributes
Manufacturer Zarek Industrial
Type Attack Ship
Difficulty Medium
Length 910m
Base Hull Strength 9,000
Crew 4,935
Initial Max Speed 570
Ship Tier 2
Attack 9
Defense 5
Utility 6
Credits 110,000
The Zarek Industrial Enforcer is a brutally violent one-on-one competitor. Designed to operate at the vanguard of a formation, isolating and destroying targets before quickly capturing objectives.

Description Edit

Enforcers are designed for close range domination of important objectives. They can turn around capture disputes and engage and trap escaping enemies. Their primary system is the Escalate weapon system that increases damage with every shot landed.


1 lvl - 9000 HP

Boost cooldown 120s

Escalate cooldown 8 s

Taser beam 20 s

jump drive 30 s



Taser Beam



Cap Mod Drone



Fractured Space - New Ship Enforcer10:00

Fractured Space - New Ship Enforcer

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