During the May update great advancements were made for the customizable crew that can be used within the game. As many as 16 New crew members were added and this allows player to customize their attack craft with any configuration of crew. The only necessary member of the crew is a captain. After this a player can specialize into any crew they wish.

Edge Case Dev Log 4 - Crew07:02

Edge Case Dev Log 4 - Crew



Flight Duration, Squad Placement, Squad Survival


Capture Rate, Cooldown Rate, Damage Reduction


Consealment, Rescource Gathering, Sensor Range


Armor Strength, Base Resistance, Hull Strength

Jump Core

Jump Cooldown, Jump Prep, Jump Protection

Navigation Officer

Manuvering, Max Speed, Turn Speed


Armor Damage Reducion, Armor Repair Rate, Repair Rate

Utility Officer

Blink Prep, Utility Cooldown, Utility Duration

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